Visual Arts Education

By the end of the teaching periods the students will be able to contextualize neoclassicism from a historical, social and cultural point of view, identify the characteristics of neoclassical architecture, enrich their art vocabulary and increase cultural awareness, contribute to project teams to produce original works and create original works as a means of expression.

The scenario consists of three phases:

-  Study the image of the “other” and European somatic characteristics;

The technique of portrait;

- Artistic workshop and final products.

The scenario consists of three lesson modules :

- Everyday objects;

Objects in works of art;

Artistic workshop and final products.

They use also plants and containers to reuse that have in the house to complete the final task of editing of the project. They complete the vertical garden by placing plant in the pot following  the instructions explained by the teacher during the video lesson

Arts and Image for first grade secondary school