Drama/Theater in Education (DiE/TiE) 

Briefly know the history of Western theater from the point of view of prejudices against women. The “One, none, one hundred thousand stereotypes! Transformation-Action of gender conflicts through the Pirandello Theater. The actions of the project were aimed at questioning and deconstructing gender stereotypes, increasing critical reflection and identifying creative non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

The theme and purpose of the project is the creation of a poem developing creative and critical skills, starting from what they learned on the subject and reinterpreting what was illustrated to them according to their point of view.

Actions/Tasks: pupils work on their written work, putting all their skills at stake, at the service of the whole group.

The scenario contains 3 teaching periods and it is intended to be done face to face, as drama (and theatre) is rather difficult to be performed online. It helps students express themselves using not only language, but their bodies, their posture, tone of voice, sound and movement. It also helps students understand life from the perspective of an old person, thus helping them become more compasionate and understanding.


How the Mythology influenced our languages

From the Ancient Roman to Barbarian Education and present days