Health Education

Teachers: Maria Lountzi - Kleopatra Kalogerakou

Teachers: Maria Lountzi, Kleopatra Kalogerakou

In this course students will realize the nutritional value of nutrients and the functions that each one performs in order to maintain appropriate calorie balance. They will also understand the importance of physical activity as part of energy balance and how to achieve balance between energy in and energy out to maintain a healthy weight. Finally, they will learn how to adopt, maintain, or improve a personal health practice as well as calculate calorie intake using formulas.

Teachers: Maria Lountzi, Kleopatra Kalogerakou

Teachers: Maria Lountzi, Kleopatra Kalogerakou

This scenario aims to promote good habits regarding  family meal as important ways to contribut to our physical, mental and social well-being.

It makes students aware about diversity of meals around the world as part of our cultural heritage.

It encourages food sharing for expressing fellowship, hospitality,  gratitude, and compassion. The shared meal is an opportunity not only to eat, but also to talk, to create and strengthen bonds of attachment and friendship, to teach and learn.

In this scenario students are going to learn different aspects about balanced diets and, as example, the Mediterranean diet.