Civic and Intercultural Education

The “Stick to the Rules” scenario aims to raise awareness of the importance of following rules, regulations, customs and recommendations in everyday life. Students get accustomed to the vocabulary related to this topic, they understand how essential it is to cultivate mutual respect and behave sensibly in nowadays global society. With the help of this scenario students are going to learn new vocabulary related to rules and European society while practising their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in engaging activities.

The phenomenon of immigration is neither novel nor recent. Migration movements have been part of the human experience long before modern and contemporary history, with economics, politics and religion fueling such movements. 

But since the early 2010s due to the dramatic and sudden increase of immigrant flows to western countries (Europe, America) from the developed regions of the world, immigration has become one of the crucial issues for the modern societies. 

This course aims to help students identify the differences between people in order to
understand that diversity is what makes us unique. Students will discover the advantages
and disadvantages of living in a homogeneous community.

The aim of this course is to ler know students how different languages and cultures are linked together, it will be teached in both different vehicular languages French and English about different and intercultural topics...