Electrical Engineering 

In this course you will discover many sustainable terms, different technologies of marine potential and, probably the answer to this disturbing question:

Is going to be the ocean energy enough as to avoid our energy collapse?

Following the previous Electrist€ry.I chapter,which dealt with the very important relationship between magnetism and electricity, it arrives Electrist€ry.II. Now you will have to present a final microproject basically based in the construction of an access/excel database table with all the energies actually used and their main characteristics.

You will learn to

  • Identify different energy transformations. 

  • Know where our power electricity comes from.

  • Learn about all the energetic sources.

  • Be aware about environmental advantages and disadvantages of each kind of energy.

In this scenario students can discover how easy is to understand electromagnets and to produce your own electricity. They could run some conclusive experiences.