Domestic Science

The scenario consists of three phases: Goods and services, Influences on consumer behavior and Consumer rights in the European Union.

In the first phase, students understand the concept of the consumer, the power of consumers in the market and the consumer buying behavior of the consumers. They are also asked to consider and discuss the factors that influence their purchasing choices by analyzing their choices. 

In the second phase, through a mind map, students understand the decision-making process of consumers. Also, through a video, they understand concepts such as household income and expenses, proper budget, short-term and long-term goals. 

In the third phase, students discuss consumer rights and mention examples from their personal experience. They also study and discuss cases of problems with faulty goods faced by consumers in the European Union and their solution according to consumers' rights in the European Union.

Ideas for expansion include activities and projects using content and language knowledge through a variety of digital tools as well as the concept of green consumerism.