Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) 

School: 1st Experimental High School of Athens

Subject areas: Computer science

Module: Information Technology

Unit: Copyrights and Open Licenses

Student age: 12-13

 English Language Level (According to the Common European Framework reference for languages): B1-B2

 Requirements: Access to PC lab

 Duration (in teaching hours): 4 Teaching Hours

 Key words

Copyright, Creative Commons Licenses, Ethical Use of Content, Public Domain, Attribution


This scenario aims to promote the Competence area 3: Digital content creation and more specifically Competence 3.3 Copyright and licenses as “the ability to understand how copyright and licenses apply to data, digital information and content”, as described in the DigComp: the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens that supports the development of digital competences at all stages of education and training.

From the First industrial Revolution to the ICT

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