Music Education

In this course we try to define the term "orchestra", how orchestra has changed through ages and musical eras. Also the sections and the musical instruments that constitute an orchestra.

The final product is a memorization skill: the pupils can memorize a passage or a musical piece, using some specific techniques.

Lessons: the course will last 4 hours divided into 4 meetings.


  • knowledge of the drums rudiments, stick control technique and 4 way (hands and feet) coordination

  • critical ability and application

  • sound recordings

This project will be attended by students from the 3rd year of lower secondary school. 

At the end of the study program, each pupil will be playing and recording a drums groove inspired to John Bonham’s tracks recorded with the band Led Zeppelin.

Project aimed at raising awareness on the issues of reuse and recycling of materials, direct knowledge of musical instruments especially percussion instruments; of the development and dexterity of the students. Greater attention to the concept of inclusion especially in terms of the European Community.

The aim of this course is that students could have a first contact with the Great European classical music composers and their music.

Another goal of this activity is to realize that Classical music is part of the European culture. The students will have to place the composer in the map and realize where is the home of the greatest composer in history and wich countries are stronger musically in Europe.